"I have been using 3pl business for a while and its the best choice I have ever made. they take care of my merchandise just as it we're theirs! there rates are unbelievable and it all just works out easy and smooth. I defiantly recommend them! ”

Cole F Tampa FL
"3plbusiness has provided excellent service for our customers, as well as our associates who interact with 3plbusiness daily. 3plbusiness is dependable, flexible, pro active and want to make things right. They meet all the carrier selection criteria we demand. Our sales could not do the job without the partnership of 3plbusiness and the service they provide daily. ‘Providing Uncompromising Service"

Danny W Phoenix AZ
“I have always had some minor gripes with storage facilities in the past, but 3plbusiness does the job as well as I can do on my own,less all the worry and aggravation of running a warehouse and sales. They always deliver with short notice, just one of the reasons why I use them and have recommended them."
Larry B Portland ME

About Us

Our goal is to deliver outstanding customer service with quick and efficient results in everything we do. No matter where your logistics needs are, we offer a wide line of services to fit all your shipping needs and fulfillment orders. Some services we offer are: Logistics, Distribution, Warehousing, Small Parcel Shipping Insurance, Fright Auditing, Business to Business, Door to Door, Direct to Consumers/Customers and more!

There are many ways you can save money while improving services. We can analyze and reduce most of your current LTL and shipping costs, plus provide you with multiple carriers. We can lower your out-of-pocket costs for storage and order management handling. Our 2 Warehouses located on both the East and West Coasts are Bonded Insured and offer State Of The Are Technology which will give you "Live" access to all your inventory and movement 24/7

Why Choose Us

3PL Business LLC is dedicated to delivering consistent Operational Excellence in all Logistics aspects to give you a better piece of mind.

We will provide you value and quality service. Our Mission is to provide extraordinary freight management, commercial storage, integrated logistics services and order fulfillment's to support long term growth, financial strengths and continued capital investment for success within your business.